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Diet Tips – How to Buy Phentermine in Canada and UK

Is phentermine available in canada?

The weight loss drug Phentermine can be bought from Canada. This is a good option becauseprices at Canadian pharmacies are dramatically lower than the drug prices in America. For instance, a drug at a U.S pharmacy can cost a 100 dollars, that same exact drug can cost 50 dollars at a Canadian pharmacy. The problem with this option, is according to the Prescription Drug Marketing Act of 1987, citizens are prohibited from bringing in prescription drugs from other countries, but U.S officials have decided to be lenient on this issue. So you can purchase prescription drugs out the country, as along as it’s not an illegal substance, and you don’t order more than a three month’s worth of the drug. Also, ordering Phentermine online from Canada is also technically against the law in the U.S, but authorities offer exceptions for prescription drugs because they want to put their focus on stopping the flow of illegal drugs inside the United States. So there is a grey area of legality, when it comes to the process of order prescription drugs from other countries, but youcanbuy Phentermine from Canada without the fear of being arrested and persecuted.

Canadian manufactures that will sell you Phentermine include, North West Pharmacy, Canada Drugs, Canada Pharmacy, Marks Marine Pharmacy, and Canadian Pharmacy. You order from these drug stores through their websites online and you will get your product through the mail. Before ordering you should keep the following tips in mind. First, only order from online Canadian pharmacies that are certified by CIPA. CIPA stands for Canadian International Pharmacy Association. Go to the CIPA website and you willsee the list of certified pharmacies in Canada. Second, go to to discover the lowest prices and ratings for onlineCanadian pharmacies. Third, you should search and read customer reviews for the manufacturer you plan on buying from. This will give you a good idea of whether you want to purchase from the pharmacy or want to trying a different site. Following these steps willassist you inpurchasing Phentermine safely from Canadafor the cheapest prices possibleand without going through any hassle or unnecessary drama.

Where to Buy Phentermine in UK?

Phentermine is sold legally only in clinics and private slimming centers since the introduction of the strict law in 2001-2002 by NHS that required it to be withdrawn from the market.Licensed pharmacies do not sell phentermine due to the strict law. The drug was banned by NHS due to fears that it would cause hypertension.

What is NHS?

NHS is an healthcare system in the UK that is publicly funded by taxation in order to give low cost health care or even free health care to all residents who live in the UK legally. It also contains specific policies and regulatory standards. NHS gave out 20000 phentermine prescriptions in the year 1998,later in 2001-2002 it banned the drug due to fear that it caused hypertension to people who used it.As much as phentermine is legal in UK it’s not in the preciption lists of NHS.

Suppliers of Phentermine in UK

One of the suppliers is Cambridge Healthcare that sells the phentermine drugs using the name lonamin. Typharm Limited is also another supplier that uses the brand name lonamin among others. You can buy phentermine in authorized sliming clinics and pharmacies in the UK. When buying phentermine online ensure that the supplier is licensed to do so.

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